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Forest Travel suggests a trip to South Texas. Located on the Texas border with Mexico, Laredo is a place where culture, history, and shopping experiences can’t be found anywhere else. Forest Travel Reviews recommends visiting Laredo, Texas.

Travelers can easily travel to this borderland by driving or flying by their international airport, which is only two and a half hours from San Antonio.

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As a result of its proximity to Mexico, everything you do will be a beautiful mix of cultures. Whether looking for bargains on San Bernardo Avenue, exploring the beauty of the South Texas landscape, or learning more about U.S./Mexico relations, Laredo is a unique and special stop in the Lone Star State.

Summertime temperatures can reach over 100 degrees in South Texas, so pack your shorts, flip-flops, and sunscreen.

A shopping excursion is recommended in Forest Travel Reviews.

With 40 blocks of unique shopping on San Bernardo Avenue, you can experience Mexican values and craftsmanship without leaving the country. The shops, vendors, and boutiques have everything from cultural art to frontier-designed furniture and traditional and contemporary clothing.

You will find value and bargains in Laredo, from traditional Mexican food to trendy Tex-Mex fairs, no matter what you are shopping for.

The History of Laredo by Forest Travel

Museums, buildings, and streets reflect Laredo’s historical significance in US-Mexico relations since it was established in 1755.

Located in the San Agustin Plaza in Downtown Laredo, the Republic of the Rio Grande Museum shares its location with several other historical sites, such as the San Agustin Cathedral and La Posada Hotel.

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