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Forest Travelsay’s travelers who want to visit the Caribbean can find 3 top destinations in the US Virgin Islands. The US Virgin Islands has always been a popular Caribbean destination.

St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix offer everything you need for an excellent Caribbean vacation: vibrant culture, outdoor adventures, delicious tropical food, and beautiful beaches.

As some of the world’s most naturally beautiful places, the US Virgin Islands are among the top three destinations, according to Forest Travel. In the protected bays, boaters and sailors enjoy anchoring and fishing because of the calm waters and breeze. The islands have refreshing mountains, tropical forests, and curving beaches.

Forest Travel Reveals 3 Top US Virgin Islands Destinations

Several smaller islands have a relaxed Caribbean atmosphere and a paradise-like setting. The US Virgin Islands consist of three major islands: St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix.

Water sports and beautiful resorts are best on St. Thomas, while parkland and beaches are excellent on St. John. Diving and rum production are excellent on St Croix. Based on reviews, Forest Travel reveals these are the most beautiful spots in the US Virgin Islands.

St. John National Park, Virgin Islands

A relic of the natural and human history of the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands National Park covers two-thirds (or two-thirds) of St. John. According to Forest Travel members, Trekkers who hike through the mountainous tropical forest may spot feral donkeys and white-tail deer.

In addition, sugar mill ruins can be found scattered along the trails, serving as a reminder of the turbulent past some Caribbean islands faced. Petroglyphs from the Indigenous Taino are located in an ancient riverbed. At the end of each trail, a stunning coastline drops into turquoise waters.

3 Top Destinations in the US Virgin Islands from Forest Travel (1)

St. Thomas, Magens Bay

Lush hills and coconut palms surround Magens Bay. In addition to making lists of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it is also a favorite of many Forest Travel members. The calm waters of this bay make it ideal for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and other watersports.

The Nature Conservancy owns 75 acres of land in Magens Bay. Members of the group and other visitors can explore the area on the Tropical Discovery Hike. It includes mangrove wetlands, dry forest hilltops, and many migratory and native birds. Under tree canopies, two miles of pristine trails wind downhill to Magens Bay beach, where visitors can relax and enjoy the clear, warm water.

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St. Croix, Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is a great sunset spot on St. Croix, located at the westernmost end. Forest Travel members love this quiet beach; the colors change as the sun sets into the ocean. It boasts clear, calm waters and a sandy beach, making it a favorite site for many.

You can also rent beach loungers jet skis, and learn how to snorkel in the calm waters. This beach is a great place to meet locals and start your trip to the US Virgin Islands.

3 Top Destinations in the US Virgin Islands from Forest Travel (3)

In order to give its members a better understanding of what each island has to offer, Forest Travel recommends these top 3 US Virgin Islands destinations.

You can sail between these islands and enjoy more of the most beautiful destinations during your Caribbean vacation in the US Virgin Islands, regardless of which island you visit.

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